Texas Chainsaw Leatherface Chainsaw

texas-chainsaw-massacre-chainsawDo you remember the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie? I know I do! Leatherface running through the forests of Texas, chasing after those teenagers with his gruesome, bloody stained chainsaw revving the whole time and getting closer and closer with every single passing minute. Well now you can put the “frighteners” into your friends with the very same noises and an exact replica of the freaky chainsaw seen in the 70’s cult horror movie. You can buy this exact Leatherface Chainsaw replica today.

This powerful blood stained chainsaw is a perfect replica from that used by the maniac himself in the horrific chiller, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This chainsaw appears to be truly authentic with it’s blood stained blade and loud chainsaw noise. You can rev up the chainsaw and burst into the room dressed as Leatherface, that’s surely going to make your friends jump.

This chainsaw would go perfectly with the adult Texas Chainsaw Costume detailed above, it will add an authentic touch to the overall outfit and give it the scary effect you are going for. Lets just say that Leatherface would not be caught without this in his hands, you shouldn’t either.

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