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Did you ever see the original film with the inbred Hewitt family terrorizing the southern part of Texas with their cannibalistic sickening ways? I’m sure you did!. If so you’ll remember how scary Thomas Hewitt AKA Leatherface was when he was chasing those teenagers through the woods with his blood stained chainsaw running at full speed … I can just hear it now … the noise gives you goose pimples just thinking about it. Well now you can have the same effect on your friends this Halloween when you rev your chainsaw from behind the door and jump out dressed as Leatherface with your horrific Leatherface mask!

adult-texas-chainsaw-costumeHe was insane, sadistic and he uses a chainsaw without much thought, that’s right, it’s Leatherface and a Leatherface costume!

Dress yourself up in this costume and you are going to look just like the infamous Leatherface, the adult costume looks perfectly authentic and will be fantastic to send a chill down peoples spines when you turn up in it. The costume includes several parts, the brown overall/arpon which at the moment is clean but could be authenticated with some fake blood, the attached shirt and the red tie. All of which were worn by Thomas Hewitt in the horror classic movie.

This costume will look perfect with a dirty old pair of blue jeans and some black work type shoes. The costume also includes the freaky and horrific mask, including scars and hair, just like the one worn by Leatherface when he went around the town on his killing spree. You could also add to the full effect by buying the separate blood stained chainsaw which can be seen here. You could look truly terrifying this Halloween.

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It’s not just the men who have the chance to scare their friends witless with their Leatherface costume, the woman can too with this Miss Leatherface costume!

If you were looking for a sexy Halloween costume then this is a compromise between scary and sexy, you can transform yourself into the horrific Leatherface’s female ensemble or maybe you and your partner can go dresses as Mr and Mrs Leatherface with a pair of chainsaws.

This horrific female Halloween costume includes a perfectly made and fitted mini dress with an attached pinstriped top with a very jagged hem and switching accents in various places on the dress. All you need is a pair of sexy black boots from your own inventory and a chainsaw accessory and you’ll be ready to send chills down the spines of your friends and family.

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child-texas-chainsaw-costumeIt’s not just you and your other half who can dress as Leatherface this Halloween, how about dressing the whole family up as Leatherface by buying this fantastic Child Texas Chainsaw Costume from The costume comes in medium and large child sizes and comes complete with the jagged edge apron, dirty looking shirt and tie as well as the freaky, scarred face mask of Leatherface.

Dress your child in this Texas Chainsaw child costume along with a pair of blue jeans, black shoes and an authentic fake chainsaw and they will really stand out from the crowd this Halloween.

Who Is The Original Leatherface

It’s often said that although Leatherface is portrayed as a sadistic, raping murderer in the movies he is actually just a “Big Baby”. The reason this has been said is because he is controlled and manipulated quite extensively by his inbred family with whom he lives. Although Leatherface (Thomas Hewitt) is a murderer and all around evil being, nothing he does is of his own accord, it’s all on the orders of his family.

Leatherface’s family are an inbred bunch of southern individuals who get their deformed son (Leatherface) to kill the victims who they catch and bring to the house, once they’ve been caught, they are killed and eaten by the family. The oldest brother of Leatherface is a very skilled chef and he uses the flesh on the victims for his cooking in his restaurant which is located at the gas station. In addition he also uses it for certain BBQ’s and cook-offs.

Leatherface has a large family, referred to as the Sawyers who all play a part in the capture and murder of their victims.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was originally made in four films, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III and Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. The original film from the 1970’s was remade in 2003 with great success and so it was followed by a prequel called Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.  A film in which we see Thomas Hewitt become the monster we know and love as Leatherface.